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Adding Captions in DVD Studio Pro

Many people are aware that a DVD can contain subtitles, but few realize that closed captions can also be included.  In fact, authoring a DVD with captions may seem like a daunting task, but it is actually a much easier process than you might think.  Using DVD Studio Pro, all you need once you’ve completed the DVD project is a .scc caption file.

Click the track you want to add captions in the Outline tab.  Go to the Inspector and click the Other tab.  Next, click the Choose button that is under the Closed Caption (Line 21) heading.  Find and select the appropriate .scc file for that specific track.  Once the .scc file is imported, the option for Filed 1 (Top) recorded will be selected.  This is the correct setting, so leave this option as-is. It is important to note that you will need a corresponding .scc file for each track on the DVD, so this process may need to be repeated depending on the complexity of the DVD project.

The DVD is now authored with captions and ready to burn.  Once the burning process is finished, be sure to check the DVD by watching it on a television set or monitor with a closed caption decoder.  Turn the closed captioning setting on and verify that the DVD plays with captions.   Occasionally, certain DVD players or cords will not transmit closed captioning data correctly to the monitor, so it may be necessary to check on additional DVD players.

Including captions in the DVD authoring process is a easy as these few steps and is also very rewarding as it provides access for additional people to view your project.  For help creating captions and getting a .scc file for your next DVD project, contact rhawthorne [at] captionlabs.com today.

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