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Tapeless Broadcast

CaptionLabs proudly introduces the addition of StationDrop to its already popular closed captioning services.  StationDrop allows producers to deliver full-length broadcast programming to stations and networks digitally with no hassle, no tapes, and no shipping.

Even though HD programming is quickly becoming the standard for television broadcast, many producers are still spending thousands of dollars shipping Betacam tapes around the country — and even around the globe. Once the program arrives at the TV station, the tape is then ingested into a digital broadcast server, which will be used to play the program over the air.

Ultimately, a program starts digitally on an edit system and broadcasts digitally from a video server.  Tape is only used as a transfer mechanism between the two computers.  StationDrop bridges the gap between the two by digitally delivering files over the Internet.

Digital Delivery with StationDrop

The online transfer of large video files requires a transport protocol that is designed specifically for broadcast and the process of moving these files must be easy for the producer.  Both these concerns have been addressed with StationDrop.  The producer simply places an executable application on the computer desktop.  Once a program is ready for transfer, the file is dropped onto the icon and the transfer begins.  The data is moved using a UDP protocol that is reliable, efficient, and secure.

Adding closed captioning to the program is also made easy.  With the available expertise and resources of CaptionLabs, closed captions are created and then added to the video programming before delivery.  When the program arrives at the station, it already contains the closed captions, which are required by the FCC.

StationDrop is able to deliver both SD and HD programming, a feature that saves producers tens of thousands of dollars in HD tape machines.  And by eliminating tapestock and shipping, the savings are realized with every digital delivery made.

You can learn more about StationDrop by visiting StationDrop.com

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